POWER-FLEX® Shielded Cables


POWER-FLEX® Shielded cables are manufactured using Electrolytic Grade 99.97% purity copper with more than 100% conductivity. The conductors drawn and bunched according to class 2 or class5 of IS:8130/1984.


The bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated PVC compound. The compound confirms to IS:5831 Type A Online spark testers ensure fail proof high voltage test by employing non destructive form of testing at six times the rated voltage.


The insulated cores are laid up and shielded with polyester tape, overall screened with aluminium mylar tape, metallic side down in contact with tinned copper drain wire of size 0.5 mm2 for reinforcement, then overall shielded with polyester tape.


The shielded cable is overall sheathed with PVC Type ST1 of IS:5831.

  1. Multi Core shielded
  2. Multi Pair shielded
  3. Multi Pair individually and collectively

NOTE: Kamadhenu Wires will not be liable for damages arising due to incorrect installations.The above data is indicative and may be revised without prior intimation

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