POWER-FLEX® Computer Networking-UTP Cable

POWER-FLEX® CAT 5e / 6 UTP Cables are used in rapidly modernising computer networks. They form the core of data transmission in huge software complexes, industries and multistoried buildings. The high performance cables are suitable for transmission of voice, video and data. The cable meets the requirements of EIA/TIA 568-B-1/B-2


Annealed bare electrolytic grade copper in both solid and stranded conductors.


High density Polyethylene.


Two insulated conductors are twisted together properly to minimize crosstalk. The four pairs are laid up together with suitable lay length.


Outer sheath is provided with FR-PVC having high oxygen index and temperature index.

Colour code
  • Pair : White – Blue / Blue
  • Pair : White – Orange / Orange 3 Pair : White – Green / Green

4 Pair : White – Brown / Brown

NOTE: Kamadhenu Wires will not be liable for damages arising due to incorrect installations.The above data is indicative and may be revised without prior intimation.

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