Fire Alarm Cables

POWER-FLEX® Fire Alarm Cables

Fire Alarm Cables are for use primarily in fire detection, voice alarm, and emergency lighting circuits. These cables are designed to continue to operate for a period of time in a fire situation. Fire Alarm cables are used for a variety of life safety devices, and are required to comply with stringent codes and standards.

POWER-FLEX Fire alarm cables are manufactured with Solid/Stranded high conductivity copper conductor, insulated with Flame Retardant(FR) PVC, Cores stranded, with or without Aluminium mylar shield and tinned copper drain wire, Inner sheathed with PVC in Black colour, Armoured with Galvanized steel wire and overall sheathed with high performance Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen (FR-LSH) PVC in Red colour.

POWER-FLEX Fire alarm cables are available both with and without aluminium mylar shield, however the use of aluminium mylar shield prevents crosstalk and reduces interference between signals.

• Addressable control systems
• Alarm notification
• Circuits controlled and powered by the fire alarm system
• Sirens
• Smoke detectors
• Sprinkler and sprinkler supervisory systems
• Strobes



1.50 – 2.50- 4.00mm2 Solid/Stranded Copper Conductor according to IS:8130


Flame retardant (FR) PVC

Core Identification

2 cores: Red and Black

Overall Screen

Aluminium-Polyester Shield along with ATC Drain Wire

Inner Sheath

PVC Inner sheath in Black Colour


Galvanized Steel Wire Armour

Outer Sheath

High performance Flame Retardant low smoke halogen (FR-LSH) PVC in Red Colour