POWER-FLEX® Flame-Retardant (FR-LSH) PVC Insulated Wires

POWER-FLEX Building wiring cables are manufactured using Electrolytic Grade 99.97% purity copper with more than 100% conductivity. The conductors are drawn and bunched according to class 5 of IS:8130/1984.

Specially formulated Halogen free Flame Retardant Low Smoke (ZH-FRLS) compound, which are composed of polymers on the basis of pure hydrocarbons are used for insulation. The insulation does not burn readily, melt or drip. The use of smoke suppressive chemicals ensures very little smoke is emitted. The absence of chlorine ensures non emission of toxic gases. The victims trapped in fire do not suffocate and the almost nil smoke helps in easy evacuation.

Online spark testers ensure fail proof high voltage test by employing non destructive form of testing at six times the rated voltage.

STANDARD COLOURS: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey & White.
STANDARD LENGTH: 90 Meter Coils in Protective Carton. Project Coils of 180 / 270 mtrs. also available.

* As per conductor class 5 of IS : 8130/1984
# As per IS : 3961(Part V)-1968
Critical Oxygen Index : ≥ 32%
Temperature Index : ≥ 250° C
Smoke Density (Light Transmission) :>80%
Acid gas generation :<5%

The conductor construction given above is indicative only and will be such that all requirements of strand diameter and
conductor resistance as per IS : 694 and IS : 8130 are met.