POWER-FLEX® Flame-Retardant (FR-LSH) PVC Insulated Wires

POWER-FLEX Building wiring cables are manufactured using Electrolytic Grade 99.97% purity copper with more than 100% conductivity. The conductors are drawn and bunched according to class 5 of IS:8130/1984.

The bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated FR-LSH PVC compound. The compound is resistant to moisture, oil, alkali and grease and has high insulation and dielectric values. The FR-LSH properties with high Oxygen and temperature index and low acid gas generation help in restricting propagation of flame at high temperatures. The compound confirms to IS:5831 Type A FR-LSH.

Online spark testers ensure fail proof high voltage test by employing non destructive form of testing at six times the rated voltage.

STANDARD COLOURS: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey & White. Provided with Orange Tracer line.
STANDARD LENGTH: 90 Meter Coils in Protective Carton. Project Coils of 180 / 270 mtrs. also available.

* As per conductor class 5 of IS : 8130/1984
# As per IS : 3961(Part V)-1968
Critical Oxygen Index : ≥ 29%
Temperature Index : ≥ 250° C
Smoke Density (Light Transmission) :>40%
Acid gas generation :<20%

The conductor construction given above is indicative only and will be such that all requirements of strand diameter and
conductor resistance as per IS : 694 and IS : 8130 are met.